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About D+F Skiers

Attention Skiers!

All interested skiers are invited to join


Great skiing is less than one hour away in the ski resort ambience of Ellicottville.  52
slopes spread over 1100 acres serviced by 12 lifts and 3 lodges.

High-speed quad!  Western New York's only high-speed quad reduces the ride time up Mardis Gras
(4,400 feet) to 4 * minutes!

Save with group pricing:

(All programs include eight free lessons.  Ski rental packages are available at extra charge.)

White card:
Weekday or evening skiing
9 times at Holiday + 1 at Bristol

Flexi night card:
9 nights at Holiday + 1 at Bristol

Pick-a-night card:
Choose a night and ski that night the entire season.
Mon > Thursday - 
Sun - 
Friday or Saturday -

For registration forms or additional information, contact:

                John Geiben                     or                Kathy Fox
                366-8737                                          672-2716

This is a very flexible program with no required participation in social events.  It is,
however, a great opportunity to save money, meet other skiers, car pool and have more fun on
the slopes.


Kathy Fox
John Geiben
Chuck Notaro
Mary Knott
Joyce Haines
Carl Bjurlin
David  Josephson,     
David   Maternowski,    
Kimberly  Maternowski,            
David Proper,   
Brett  Struble,       
Richard Sutter, 
Christopher  Swanson,            
Jessica Swanson,       
John  Tinstman,       
Michele Walter, 
Phil Walter
Howard Elcock
John King
Rick Fredrickson 

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